Same private key on multiple sites

Nicholas Dickens
Sat Aug 11 01:20:02 2001

If you are using linux (or similar) just copy the .gnupg/secring file onto
the other machine. But only at first setup, otherwise you will delete the
existing secret keys. I'm not sure about how to export your secret key but
if you can, youshould just be able to import it on the other machine.


Nicholas Dickens BSc ARCS

MRC FGU, Department of Human Anatomy & Genetics,
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> Hi, im new to gpg. I want to be able to manage the same key on multiple
sites, for example, two pc's on my work, one at home, how can i do that?
> I look at the documentation, man pages, howtos, but i cant find info about
that topic.
> Thanks.
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