Test for an auto-install GnuPG+WinPT for Win32

pplf pplf01@yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 12:34:01 2001

Le Vendredi 10 Ao=FBt 2001 08:52, pplf a =E9crit :

> For people who are interested, I have done a Win9x/Me/NT/2000 package with
> an "installshield", containing Windoze Privacy Tray (WinPT) 0=2E3=2E3 and =
> 1=2E0=2E6 for Win32 :
Mirrored at : ftp://ftp=2Ei-quake=2Ecom/pub/crypto/gnupg/windows/gnupgwinpt20010810=2Ezip
> For Windows XP, be careful, it has not be tested under XP
Someone has tested the auto-install + WinPT 0=2E3=2E3 + GnuPG 1=2E0=2E6 in W= indows XP=20 (post RC1 build) and it works (with some problems for some GPGME-WinPT=20 features)=2E Timo Schulz has the debug files=2E pplf --=20 pplf <pplf01@yahoo=2Ecom> - French OpenPGP Homepage "OpenPGP en fran=E7ais" http://www=2Egeocities=2Ecom/openpgp/