Decrypting without files?

Tue Aug 14 11:43:01 2001

I'm looking for a way to pass everything to GnuPG via pipes:

  * Passphrase
  * Encrypted data
  * Decryption key

And to retrieve the results via pipes, too.

This means that I can't have the decryption (secret) key on a keyring.  It
must come in via a pipe.

Even worst, this must work under WinNT.

Is there a way to make GnuPG do this?  Alternatively, is there a library
or something that will do this?

I noticed something called CTClib being mentioned on this list.  Is that
compatible with GnuPG 1.0.6 encrypted output, and can it be fed keys to
decrypt with (as opposed to fetching keys from a keyring file)?

Regards, /|/|
        /   |