PGP: Invalid key ?

Lars Geiger
Fri Aug 17 17:24:01 2001

Hi Alexander,
On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, at 13:34:22 +0200, you wrote:

First of all, I want to say hello to everybody as I'm new to this list.

> [Installation details snipped]

> In GnuPG I created a 1024 bit key. I then exported this key and
> imported it in PGP. Encrypting/decrypting messages works both ways,
> ie. PGP can decrypt texts encrypted with GnuPG and vice versa.
> However, when I want to change the trust of the GnuPG key in PGP, it
> tells me:

> This is an invalid key. Modifying the trust on this
> key is not allowed since trust settings on invalid
> keys have no effect.

> Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
Yes, you are using a key *pair* in PGP that wasn't created in PGP. So PGP assumes that it is not trustworthy. You can do several things: 1) This is what I would do: Open the properties of the (GnuPG) key in PGP and activate "Implicit trust". That should make the key valid and automatically set its "Trust" value to maximum. "Implicit trust" is activated automatically for every key pair you generate in PGP, but not for imported keys. 2) Or you could also: Sign your (GnuPG created) key with another private key which belongs to you and which you trust fully (preferably one that was reated in PGP). Again, this will validate your (GnuPG) key and you can manually adjust the "Trust" value to whatever you wish. -- Regards, Lars ____________________________________________________________
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