CONOUT$ error when scripting GPG with TCL/TK

Ed Suominen
Mon Aug 20 16:29:02 2001

I am trying to script GPG with TCL/TK 8.3, using the following command:
exec {c:\gnupg\gpg.exe} {--no-secmem-warning} {-e} {c:\gnupg\Licenses.txt}

I get the following error message as a result:
gpg: fatal: open(CONOUT$) failed: rc=5secmem usage: 0/0 bytes in 0/0 blocks 
of pool 0/16384

Is gpg not able to open console output when scripted from the TCL/TK 
console shell?

But using the following TCL command works fine for getting me the GPG help 
output in the TCL/TK console:
exec {c:\gnupg\gpg.exe} {-h}

Help! Please "reply all" to copy me directly. Thanks!

Ed Suominen