[Q]: failed to decrypt if run from cron.

Frank Tobin ftobin@neverending.org
Tue Aug 21 08:43:01 2001

Gerik, at 11:09 +0100 on Tue, 21 Aug 2001, wrote:

   i have a perl script which successfully decrypt a file except when
   executed from cron where i would only get a blank file.
   i'm using GnuPG::Interface. I'm puzzled of where to fix.
   the script is as below.
   any input is greatly appreciated.

First, since you're running in cron, you should make sure interactive mode
is false: $gnupg->options->interactive(0)

Second, you should use "direct" mode for your input file, since you're
reading manually from a IO::Handle() anyways.

See if cron is reporting anything going wrong, too.

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