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Subba Rao Subba Rao <>
Tue Aug 21 11:43:01 2001

On  0, Florian Weimer <> wrote:

> Subba Rao <> writes:
> > My key was set to expire at the end of September. Will the public on the
> > key servers become completely obsolete to sign or encrypt anything?
> No, it doesn't. Some implementors choose to ignore expiration during
> some operations, which makes expiration rather meaningless.
What about the revoked key? I have revoked my old key and send it to the keyservers. Can a revoked key be used to sign a document or email? If you can, then isn't that something that could be used to mislead a user about the authenticity of the document or email? -- Subba Rao GPG public key ID CCB7344E Key fingerprint = A8DD 4CBA 1E9B D962 A55B 2B55 BAFE 92C5 CCB7 344E