Messed up?

Edoardo Causarano
Fri Aug 24 14:15:01 2001

[edoardo@nautilus edoardo]$ gpg --keyserver --send-key \ 
\'Edoardo Causarano'
gpg: errore leggendo `': eof

This happens every time I try to upload my key to which I have altered the 

[edoardo@nautilus edoardo]$ gpg --list-key 'Edoardo Causarano'
pub  1024D/8FDF8B30 2001-01-13 Edoardo Causarano <>
uid                            Edoardo Causarano <>
sub  1024g/8F488630 2001-01-13

Can I fix this mess (as you can see from my sig I've already added the key to 
the keyserver net.)
Would deleting the uid and returning the main uid to 
Hmmm, evidently I haven't read the docs with due attention... ;-)

OpenPGP key available on
8FDF8B30	Edoardo Causarano  <>
Fingerprint = E360 4E59 8290 663E 5079 8C49 60C3 C454 8FDF 8B30
ICQ UIN 21154009
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