Compiling GnuPG 1.0.6 on Tru64

Ludovic Courtès
Sat Aug 25 05:36:02 2001

> > So first of all, there is a parse error in include/ttyios.h cause a `('
> > was missing on line 27. After that, I got problem with Makefile in tools
> I think that was a bug in 1.0.6, and Werner posted a patch for it right
> after the release. If you take a look at the actual file, you can probably
> fix it yourself, it's quite trivial.
Well, I actually fixed it, obviously, but I just wanted to make sure it will be corrected in the next versions, but it seems that it as already been done.
> > directory, so I couldn't build mpicalc (it says '-liconv' needed to build
> > mpicalc).
> Unfortunately, I cannot test whether Tru64 5.x really needs libiconv
> (the only 5.1 box sitting here is off the net coz I have no free network
> ports), but I would be surprised if that OS version really needed an
> external libiconv. To test this out, you may want to install libiconv
> off (or mirrors).
I guess this is more like a Makefile problem, not a libiconv problem. The problem is that `-liconv' is set as a dependency for the `mpicalc' target in the Makefile, so maybe something's wrong with autoconf or so.