beginners trouble

Johannes Graumann
Wed Aug 29 04:03:01 2001

Sorry if this shows up twice - had some crash here.
I have two questions:
1) if I try to generate a key on a rh7.1 machine with the gnupg 1.0.6 rpm as 
a normal user, I get the "insecure memory" warning. Reading the faq, I 
learn, that gnupg should be installed as root, so that the memory used is 
secure (?). Do I have to use Gnupg all the time as root not to have the 
insecure memory problem?
Can I do something about this by compiling instead of rpm-installing?
2) I tryed to figure out how to tell gnupg that my keyrings are on a floppy 
- didn't work. Can somebody please hint me towards the right commands?

Thank you, Johannes

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