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Werner Koch
Wed Aug 29 09:57:01 2001

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 02:02:18 +0200, Marc Mutz said:

> Shouldn't gnupg be more generous in what it accepts here? Eg. rfc2045
> explicitly requires MUA's to simply ignore any non-base64 character in
rfc2045 says in the section on ascii armor: starting five dashes, and following the ending five dashes. The header lines, therefore, MUST start at the beginning of a line, and MUST NOT have text following them on the same line. These line So GnuPG enforces this: p = strstr( line+5, "-----"); if( !p ) return -1; save_p = p; p += 5; if( *p == '\r' ) p++; if( *p == '\n' ) p++; if( *p ) return -1; /* garbage after dashes */ One more reason not to use ASCII Armor but the RFC3156. There is a good reason that the encrypted packet is stored in an application/octect-stream.
> a base64 encoding, because MTA's are known to add and remove trailing
Inside the base64 encoded block white spaces are ignored. Werner -- Werner Koch Omnis enim res, quae dando non deficit, dum habetur g10 Code GmbH et non datur, nondum habetur, quomodo habenda est. Privacy Solutions -- Augustinus