Verifying Sender to Signature

Jason Power
Wed Aug 29 21:17:02 2001

When receiving an encrypted and signed message, I want to be sure that it is
comming from a specific person.  I am running GPG in a batch file and would
like to be able to specify who I am expecting to have signed the document.

If I receive a file that should be from "Bob" when I decrypt it using

gpg -d thefile > output

It decrypts the file and tells me "Mary" signed it.  I can't come up with a
way to tell this from a batch file. I want to be able to reject the file
from within the batch file if it's not from "Bob".

I need something like

gpg -d --from Bob > output

where gpg does an errorlevel if file is not signed by Bob.

Any Ideas?

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