Encryption -HOWTO (was: Re: Encrypted Filesystems)

Gregor Zattler texmex@uni.de
Sat Dec 1 10:00:02 2001

Hi Marc,
* Marc Mutz <Marc@Mutz.com> [Fre., 30. Nov. 2001; 21:49:33 +0100]:
> Gnupg isn't about encrypted fs's,
> <shameless plug>
> http://encryptionHOWTO.sf.net
> </shameless plug>
> is ;-)

This HOWTO covers Kernel 2.2. and international kernel patches.
I have heard, these kernel patches have become part of the main kernel
sources since there are new crypto polictics in US?

Is this correct?

Is the HOWTO aplicable to kernel 2.4.x?

Ciao, Gregor