Export public key to PGP with national characters...

Gnupg User gnupg__@hotmail.com
Mon Dec 3 00:20:02 2001


I have been searching for a solution to be able to export
Public keys from GPG with national (Swedish) characters ()
to PGP (6.5.8).

I have managed to get my application to make keys with --batch
and convert the input to UTF-8 and get output with --iso-8859-1
to get Win32 happy.

Ok I have read that OpenPGP/RFC2440 says that UTF-8 should be
DEFAULT for text. But I have no chance to get my customers
customer to change the behavior on PGP!

Does anybody got any trick to get PGP to import public keys
with Username and Comment in UTF-8 and keep "right" chars.

Or do I have build an patched custom Gpg?

Hope not, because I think it's very hard to follow this code...


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