GNU Privacy Guard - Installation on Windoze poorly explained

Steve Butler
Wed Dec 5 22:26:01 2001

Peter,  I wrote a set of implementation and usage documents along for WinPT.
You might find these to be helpful.  I'll email them separately along with a
white paper that we are floating for the health insurance companies in the
Seattle, WA area.  If that doesn't provide enough background then email

I don't think you'll have to do the registry setting by hand.  I found I was
able to effect the change using the preference settings.


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Subject: GNU Privacy Guard - Installation on Windoze poorly explained


I wanted to install GNU Privacy Guard on my WinNT PC. I read the 
"Readme.w32" in the ZIP file. I got stuck on Step 4 of the "Installation 

Here is the vague text for reference:
4. If you did not use the default directory "c:\gnupg", you
   should enter a string with the directory into the Registry
   under the key:
   Please use forward slashes and not the backslashes when
   setting filenames for GnuPG into the Registry.

A. It doesn't state * where* exactly in the registry the string should 
be entered (in left pane, or under "Name", or under "Value").

B. should the directory path end with a "\" or not?

C. Is "HomeDir" to be * replaced* by the actual directory path, or 
should one replace the path under "name", under "value" (DE = "Wert")? 
Under the Name = "Standard", or does one create a new Name? What should 
the name of the new Name be?

D. At which location exactly does one use forward slashes?

E. What does "setting filenames" mean?

F. An *example * of a correct registry entry in the rteadme file would 
have solved all problems.

G. Step 5 says: "Enter "gpg" and see what happens". I doubleclicked on 
"gpg.exe" in the install directory and only got a DOS window asking me 
to type something - very unimpressive, and defietely not what I was 
hoping to get out of this; namely the ability to encrypt emails using 
Mozilla (and the "enigmail" module - ).

Please provide usable instructions and reply to me directly. I would be 
very happy to use and evangelize this useful-sounding tool (if it works 
on windoze machines).



Peter Lairo

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