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Owen Blacker owen@flirble.org
Thu Dec 6 16:23:01 2001

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Ingo Kl=F6cker wrote (2001-12-04 T 21:33 +0100):
> > > I guess you are fsck up because it's PGP which is not standard
> > > compliant. And I doubt that anyone will make GnuPG violate the
> > > OpenPGP specs just to make PGP happy.
> > > The best would be to convince your customers to use GnuPG instead
> > > of the crappy PGP.
> > >
> > >BTW, why don't you simply use PGP to generate keys which PGP can
> > > >handle?
> >
> > It's my customers customer (one of the largest banks in Sweden)
> > who has PGP and they has to verify my customers signing.
> >
> > PGP could import the GPG-keys but Names and Comment gets "crappy"!
> I know. But it's definitely not gpg's fault. The reason for this is
> that PGP is broken (it doesn't use utf-8 for User IDs and Comments)
> and thus sucks. I'm really surprised that a large bank uses such a
> crappy program. Obviously they don't know it better.

Whilst I agree with you on the basic fact -- it's certainly not GnuPG's
fault -- I am not in the least bit surprised that a large corporate
(pticly a bank) is using a piece of software written by a large company
they can sue, rather than something that is both libre and gratis.

Corporates don't make sensible decisions, remember.  :o)

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