Lars Hecking lhecking@nmrc.ie
Fri Dec 7 12:00:02 2001

> > It seems that OpenPGP capable mail clients should implement
> > PGP/MIME, but I haven't found anything on S/MIME in the same
> > context.
> I don't understand, S/MIME is a spec similar to PGP/MIME.  If you are
> looking for a implementation of S/MIME, there are several, of which
> Mozilla NSS and OpenSSL are free resp open source.

 There's also a patch for mutt. CHeck the list archives for mutt-dev,
 I can't find a URL right now.

 My only grief with S/MIME signatures is that they are so grossly large
 (compared to PGP/MIME and your average list message size).