Using gnuPG

Bob Metelsky
Mon Dec 10 18:26:01 2001

I have a few questions that don't seem to be addressed in the
documentation or the faq. Im hoping someone can send some light on this

1. Are there any restrictions using GnuPG in a small company
environment? We are only interested in encrypting files and not email

2. Where is a summary of what exactly GnuPG is? The documentation is
particularly sparse on this. Most, if not all the documentation refers
to *using*  the program and the RFCs refer primarily to openpgp. Ideally
I need a sumamry of the functionality of GnuPG to pass onto our clients

3. A very basic question: but what is the difference between GnuPG and
openpgp and If I'd like to use encryption within a company what are my
options? Im fairly comfortable with gnuPG and would like to use it if

Many thanks in advance for any advise or links