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Frank Tobin
Mon Dec 10 21:56:01 2001

David Shaw, at 15:26 -0500 on 2001-12-10, wrote:

> GnuPG encrypts files.  It could be argued that it would be nice to
> encrypt directories, but in the Unix-ish way of thinking, that is not
> GnuPG's job.  After all, why build in a miniature directory lister, if
> the user can just use ls, which is presumably perfect?

One word: emacs :)

> All that said, I think a --recursive flag in GnuPG is not unreasonable.
> It does raise the question: what does it mean to encrypt a directory?
> Do you want to end up with one big file that contains the contents of
> the directory, or a directory full of encrypted files?  (I'd say the
> second - the first is what "tar" is for).

I should note that on FreeBSD, grep, chown, chgrp, chmod, and probably
several others each has a -R option for recurision.

Frank Tobin