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Janus Christensen
Mon Dec 10 23:06:02 2001

On Mon, 2001-12-10 at 21:26, David Shaw wrote:

> All that said, I think a --recursive flag in GnuPG is not
> unreasonable.  It does raise the question: what does it mean to
> encrypt a directory?  Do you want to end up with one big file that
> contains the contents of the directory, or a directory full of
> encrypted files?  (I'd say the second - the first is what "tar" is
> for).

I would say that a --recursive flag is "nice to have", not "need to
have", especially since there are a number of reasonable alternatives
(shell scripts, shell one-liners), that solves the problem. I guess it
is a matter of assessing the need for this particular feature versus the
need of other features.

Even Windows users can use alternative methods to use GnuPG in a
recursive fashion, using Cygwin, Perl, or nearly any other programming
language. Not being a VB programmer, it would still bet that one could
use this particular language for this purpose.

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