Using gpg with mutt

Justin R. Miller
Tue Dec 11 16:01:01 2001

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Thus spake mike ledoux (

> > Is there a way to make mutt know that a email sent from something
> > like pine or a windows MUA is signed.. i havent been able to find
> > any doc on it.  The only info ive found was for procmail andi i dont
> > use that.  I have a local email server on my box that I use.  Does
> > any one have any ideas thanks
> No, Mutt is broken in this respect--the procmail solution that the
> Mutt developers always point to is severely flawed in many respects.

I believe that the Esc-P option was added in Mutt 1.3.x -- you might
want to try that branch, as it has had several betas towards 1.4 so far
and has little or no problems.  The latest is 1.3.24.  Then clearsigned
messages can be checked with that key combination, and while the folder
is still open, they will be treated as PGP/MIME.=20

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