deleting secret key without public key

Peter Kuhm
Sat Dec 15 03:55:02 2001

At 21:11 14.12.01 -0500, Martin Blais wrote:

>While diddling, I added another secret key to my secret ring.  I deleted the 
>experimental rings, so now I end up with the secret key I don't want in my 
>ring, but no public key.
>So I read the FAQ, where this is explicitly addressed, but I still cannot 
>remove it.  [..]

>I also tried reimporting my secret ring with the --allow-secret-key-import 
>option, ebut I cannot seem to select which keys gt imported, so I still end 
>up with both secret keys (one of which I don't want).
>Any idea how I could get out of this mess?

what's wrong with exporting the good secret key and after removal of
the secret keyring (comprising the bad secret key without public key)
create a new keyring and import only the good sec key? Anything