Security Implications / factoring

John Kane
Sun Dec 16 13:46:01 2001

Ingo Kloecker writes to Ryan Malayter :
 >For n=512 I get 107.54... and for n=1024 I get 132.26...
 >There must be something wrong with (RM's) formula

There seem to be several garbled versions of the formula
in circulation, but I gather the GNFS is supposed to be
   e^(   1.9223  *  (ln N)^(1/3)  *  (ln ln N)^(2/3)   )
where N is the actual number being factored, and not just
the 512/1024 size in bits.

The SNFS, with an exponent of 1.5262, is apparently not
able to factor RSA/DH keys.

John Kane
New Hampshire (northeastern USA)