edit key menu

Peter Kuhm peter.kuhm@plus.at
Wed Dec 19 00:27:02 2001

At 15:04 18.12.01 -0800, David Ellement wrote:

>I haven't been able to find an explanation for this in the gpg man
>page or in the "The GNU Privacy Handbook".  When editing my public
>key, "list" shows my user IDs, with a "." next to one:

>    (3). David M. Ellement <david.ellement@home.com>
>    (4)  [revoked] David M. Ellement <dellemen@mill.net>
>User ID (3) appears as the ID for my signature, so I suppose there's
>a connection with the "." in the listing.  What does it mean?  How
>do I associate it with one of the other user IDs?

use "uid n" in the menu --edit-key name

 | uid n	Toggle selection of user id with index n.
 |	Use 0 to deselect all.