GnuPG on Windows 2000

Booterbaugh, Nancy A.
Wed Dec 19 21:20:03 2001

I'm new to this group, and this is my first posting, so please be gentle
with me.

I am using PGP 6.5, but am looking into cheaper alternatives now that the
simple PGP that I have been using (command-line, simple encrypt/decrypt with
public/private keys, one user) has suddenly been quoted to me for $75K for a
renewal license.  I have just updated to a W2K system.  Is a working
(bug-free) GnuPG available for W2K?  Is there a binary that I can download?
>From the threads, it appears that the software must be compiled before use.
Any hints on how to do that?  What, if anything, do I need to buy?  
Thanks for all your help.

Nancy A. Booterbaugh
(215) 986-7347