stripping header-information

Georg Lutz
Sat Dec 22 14:28:01 2001

On 2001-12-20, Frank Tobin wrote:
> Georg Lutz, at 21:08 +0100 on 2001-12-18, wrote:
> > Sometimes it could be useful if an eavesdropper is not able to distinct
> > beetween random noise and a real message.
> If you want to obscure the GnuPG output you should use steganographic
> tools.  It is and should not be the job of GnuPG to try to 'hide' the fact
> that it is outputting OpenPGP data.

The raw output of a good crypto-system should not have a statistical
profile. Of course, if a programm should work over networks with
different systems there has to be a protocol like OpenPGP in which the
raw-output is embedded.

I am looking for a tool to make the OpenPGP-output statistically
equal("white noise").
Unfortunately "PGP stealth" does not work with OpenPGP.