GPG on Window GUI

Lars Geiger
Thu Dec 27 10:21:02 2001

Hi Pavel,
On 27 Dec 2001 at 10:02:38 [GMT +0100], you wrote:

> I want to use GnuPG as a substitution of PGP Freeware by NAI, but
> there is a problem, bacause just a command line version is ready to
> use.

Well, AFAIK, there will always only be a command line version of GnuPG.
A frontend can be used but it's not necessary, so it's not part of the
core development.

> Please, does anybody know where is possible to find a graphical front-end to
> GnuPG for Microsoft Windows ?

Try It's still in development, but it's a good frontend
and it's free (*and* you don't have to pay for it).

BTW, perhaps you shouldn't send messages with high priority, it may
scare people away from reading your post.


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