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Thu Dec 27 15:22:02 2001

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>    1. Re: GPG on Window GUI (Gerd Ewald)
> Hello Pavel,
> Another free software (which means: you don't have to pay for) is
> GPGShell, which is not OpenSource (FYI).
> A full description "How to install" may be found here:

just some notes of caution if you are going to install gpgshell into
a windows system that already has win pt installed:

[1] the options menu is going to be in the win pt folder, and
whatever options you change using gpgshell will remain in the
win pt folder 
 {this can be confirmed by going to the command line gpg in a dos
window, and typing: gpg --version
and GnuPG will list the home directory as winpt}, so, if you find
gpgshell easier to use, and want to use it as a preferred shell
and then delete winpt, all the options will be gone, and GnuPG will
still think the home directory is winpt, and wil no longer work.  
there are simple, but somewhat tedious ways around this, but it would
be far simpler and better, that if you want to use gpgshell as youe
preferred windows gui, just leave winpt alone aithout deleting it}

[2] if you run winpt and gpgshell at the same time, it may crash your
entire GnuPG system if you try to import, export, or generate a key
{on win 98 SE,  --have not determined what exactly triggers it, but
have found reliably that if you use only one of them at a time,
things remain stable}

[3] if you run either winpt or gpgshell, and try to follow along with
the command line GnuPG in a dos window, the dos
window GnuPG output will *not* reflect any options changes done by
either of the shells 'after' the dos window has been opened, so it
may confuse you more, rather than try to help you to learn to use the
command line

hope this is helpful,

Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (MingW32) - WinPT 0.5.1
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