diskperf-y ?

Newton Hammet newton@hammet.net
Mon Dec 31 23:22:01 2001

> Hello
> I am running gpg-106, for windows.  I get a message saying I should run
> "diskper-f".  What is it, how do I run it.  I get this message when
> generating keys, and wipeing files.
> Also I tryied to make a large key, picked "3000" got a key "3008", why ?
> Frank D. Hubeny
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Hello Frank,

   I think the answer to the key size question is in the keygen code of

   It wants to create a key with bit-length size = to the nearest higher
   of 64.

   3008 is a multiple of 64 (the next higher for 3000).
   3000 is not a multiple of 64.

   Not having Windows on my box, I don't know the answer to the
diskper-f question.

Regards, Newton

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