gpg on public system?

Jan Petranek
Fri Feb 2 13:19:01 2001

Hi there,

is there a secure way of using gpg in a more or less
public multiuser-system - say, a university's computer pool?

It might sound a little paranoid, but I don't trust the sysop's security
measures. And beeing it an almost public computer pool with a lot of
students, who know the system at least as well as the administrator -

Up to now I am using the  ~/.gnupg -directory just as usual, except the
~/.gnupg/secring.gpg beeing a link to a file on a removable cd-rom. I
know, anyone who gets root acces to the machine can also read a cd-rom,
but at least only while it is present (so the risk is a bit decreased).

I'm also planning to tripwire the whole gpg-related files.