Keyring importing problem.

Ingo Kloecker
Fri Feb 2 20:31:03 2001

Ramakrishnan M wrote:

> Hello!
> I am a budding new maintainer for Debian. As part of the steps,
> my key has to be signed by some debian developer. One of my friend is
> a debian developer, and I sent him, my pubring.gpg file. After
> signing, he sent me back the ascii armored file, encripted. Now how
> do I import the signed key to my keyring so that, if I do
> $gpg --list-sigs
> It should list my key id followed by self-signature as well as my
> friend's signature?
Try 'man gpg' or 'gpg --help'! Maybe 'gpg --import <ascii armored file>' also works. Regards, Ingo