a beginner, migrating from pgp5 to gpg

Florian Weimer fw@deneb.enyo.de
Sun Feb 4 01:09:01 2001

G.W.Kugler@t-online.de (Gerhard Kugler) writes:

> sec 768R/1E552379 1999-07-05 Gerhard W. Kugler <G.W.Kugler@t-online.de>
> sec 1024D/6C5F526A 1999-11-15 Gerhard Kugler <G.W.Kugler@t-online.de>
> ssb 1024g/2832BB54 1999-11-15
> The first key was made by pgp2.6, the second (I think) by pgp5.
You need to install IDEA support, because the first secret key is probably protected with the IDEA encryption algorithm.