Linux / Win98 Frontends?

Sun Feb 4 18:30:01 2001

On Sun, 04 Feb 2001 11:58:42 -0500 or Thereabouts
The voices in my head told me that Robert Krueger <> said:

> > I'd be surprised if TkPGP doesn't already work under Windows... have you
> > installed Tk/TCL on your windows box and tried it?
> Unless I missed something somewhere, TkPGP isn't offered in either a zip
> format (for Windows) or as an executable (*.exe)
> If you know otherwise, please let me know.
I have Tcl/Tk installed on my Windoze box and TkPGP doesn't work properly. I emailed the author about this a few months ago, and he said that in the early versions of TkPGP there was windows compatability, but it no longer exists. He expressed no interest in making it function under windows any longer. But there is a windows front-end under development for GnuPG called WinPT being written Timo Schultz. The URL is: It is under constant development and coming along quite nicely. Rich... ________________________________________ The Central New York Linux User Group Now with one of them web page thingies! <->