File Transfer with SSH1

Frank Naumann
Mon Feb 5 10:57:00 2001

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On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 09:44:30AM +0100, Eduardo S=E1nchez wrote:

> I=B4m trying to do SCP (like FTP) but via SSH1. I=B4ve found so many clie=
> that let me do Telnet with SS1 but not File Transfers.
> I=B4ve found for Linux one client (SecPanel) that works fine, but I=B4m l=
> for Windows NT or 2000 with same funcionality.
at work i use fsecure ssh. But this software is not free and scp is only supporting ssh2. Have a look at: Greetins, Frank --=20 ``We're a fake news organization and this is a fake=20 news event. So I think we're the only people who=20 should be here.'' --Jon Stewart, host of the ''Daily Show'' on Comedy Central, speaking about their mock coverage of the Republican Convention --TYecfFk8j8mZq+dy Content-Type: application/pgp-signature Content-Disposition: inline -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.4 (GNU/Linux) Comment: Weitere Infos: siehe iD8DBQE6fnism8Cmt8kHoRURAt2LAJ9oPR+Kv1//7DhKypkwNkn8c1OSeACfbg2e RXPPQtl7tqzXDbMhpFIABkE= =uAdi -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- --TYecfFk8j8mZq+dy--