Make groups of keys in GnuPG?

Filip Stokkeland
Tue Feb 6 20:12:01 2001

Frank Tobin <> writes:

> Okay, I fixed the problem; all that really needed to be done was to put
> the $@ in quotes ("$@"); this has been reflected in the sample bundled
> salias-wrapper script and in the documentation.
> salias 0.1.2 is now on the release page incorporating these fixes.
> Thanks for reporting the bug!
I don't get it to work. I still have the same problem: Decrypting... [2 times] The message was corrupt. Decrypting... [2 times] SIGPIPE raised on process *GPG*; closed it Auto-saving... SIGPIPE raised on process *GPG*; closed it Encrypting+signing as filip <> ... Encrypting+signing as filip <> ... failed: gpg: \ Missing argument for option "--passphrase-fd" This is my wrapper-script: #!/bin/sh base=`basename $0` salias --context $base /usr/bin/real/$base "$@" Yours, -- Filip