Why is ~/.gnupg/trustdb.gpg readable by all?

Dan Harkless gnupg@dilvish.speed.net
Wed Feb 7 01:58:00 2001

"Steven E. Harris" <steven.harris@tenzing.com> writes:

> Dan Harkless <gnupg@dilvish.speed.net> writes:
> > the default permissions on ~/.gnupg are rwx------, are they not?
> On my Debian 2.2 system, ~/.gnupg looks like
> ,----
> | drwx--S---
> `----
> I don't understand the "S." The info node on "ls" says:
> > If the setuid or setgid bit is set but the corresponding executable
> > bit is not set.
> What does having this bit set achieve?
If I'm not mistaken, that means the group of files created in that directory will be set to the group of the directory itself, assuming you are a member of that group (the bit is only meaningful if you are a member of multiple groups). Not sure why your ~/.gnupg got set up that way, though. -- Dan Harkless SpeedGate Communications, Inc.