secure file deletion

Werner Koch
Thu Feb 15 12:21:02 2001

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Stephan F. Yaraghchi wrote:

> Playing around with GnuPG I noticed that there's no option
> for secure file deletion, like the "-w" command in PGP.
The -w does anyway not work under Unix or Windows. It is not the job of GnuPG to delete files. That's Unix philosophy.
> Does anyone made up a workaround?
> What's necessary to securely 'wipe' a file?
Secure file deletion is a very tough problem. The only working solution is to use a filesystem feature. Trying to work around will give soon trouble when you change the filesystem (e.g. from ext2 to Reiser): you believe the file is securly deleted but it is not. Werner -- Werner Koch <> GNU Privacy Guard ( Free Software Foundation Europe ( [Please see X-* mail header for OpenPGP key info]