Key server security considerations / Certification Authorities

Johan Wevers
Sun Feb 18 21:37:01 2001 wrote:

> how do I prevent someone else to create a key in my name and to send it to a
> key server to mislead third parties?
You can't.
> And is anyone aware of a Trust Center (Certification Authority) which would
> sign a GnuPG key created by me?
I have no idea. And I'm not very interested neither. "Thrusted" third parties are nice for e-commerce, but they are very _UN_trusted when it comes to protection against government agancies.
> I visited for example, however they only sign keys
> that they have created,
So they also have your secret key. Very practical when the government wants to know things about you, like in Germany, what you were discussing with that member of a forbidden political party. -- ir. J.C.A. Wevers // Physics and science fiction site: // PGP/GPG public keys at