Import Problems with RSA keypair

Roelf Renkema
Tue Feb 20 16:48:01 2001

I'm trying to import my 6.5.8 freeware PGP keys into
GPG and most of them are succesfully imported.
One keypair gives me trouble though.

Its an RSA keypair of size 1073

On importing GPG elaborates:

gpg: key BC592A7D: already in secret keyring
gpg: key BC592A7D: no valid user IDs
gpg: this may be caused by a missing self-signature
gpg: Total number processed: 2
gpg:           w/o user IDs: 1
gpg:       secret keys read: 1
gpg:  secret keys unchanged: 1

So obviously the secret key is imported but the public key
not. I have it signed with it's own key but nothing
changes in GPG's behaviour. Is it the size that gives the

Greetz Roelf.

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