WinPT 0.1.2pre

Timo Schulz
Sat Feb 24 02:12:08 2001

Hi all,

this news could be important for the GnuPG window users
on the list ;-).

I finished most of the work on WinPT 0.1.2. It has many
features in compare to the 0.0.x versions and it uses
the new GPGME library from Werner.

Here are the most important features:

- Key generation support
- The program doesn't use any environment variables any longer
- Basic key management (delete,trust,sign)
- Key caching for both keyrings (no loading time between the dialogs)
- Native language support (currently DE, IT, FR)

And last but not least I add a more advanced key listing
element for all dialogs. The version is still beta, but
I got back many positive test results from the users.

You can download it from
(Note, you'll need the GnuPG windoze EXE from the site)


Two-a-Day at    keyid BF3DF9B4