Deleting keys

David Stultz
Wed Feb 28 05:40:11 2001

I am a newbie, and have made a very big mistake.

I generated a key with a bad password, and a smaller key space than I
wished.  I generated a new key with a far superior password and keyspace,
however, I am unable to delete my old keys.  I have not sent any emails or
encrypted any data with any key as of yet.  I am using GPG 1.0.4 on Redhat
6.1, 2.2.12-20smp.

I invoke 'gpg --edit-key redmist', and get the 'Command>' prompt.  

Secret key is available.

pub  1024D/2CE3B90A  created: 2001-02-21 expires: never      trust: -/u
(1)  redmist <>


I issue the command 'key 1', and it returns, "Command> key 1 No secondary
key with index 1".  I have tried 'toggle'ing the keys, 'delkey', 'delkey
redmist', and every combination of commands and UIDs that you can think 
of.  This is what my key listing looks like:

pub  1024D/2CE3B90A 2001-02-21 redmist <>

pub  1024D/86E07DD5 2001-02-27 redmist <>
sub  4096g/22605735 2001-02-27

I want to keep the key from the 27th.

Thank in advance,