GPG on a Windows MUA

Nick Andriash Nick Andriash <>
Wed Feb 28 23:10:04 2001

I am running The Bat Mail Client on a Win 98SE box, and although I am
currently using PGP 7.0.3, I want to try GPG. From what I have read, I
can download and install the current release of GPG into C:\GnuPG, then
download a Windows front end such as GnuPGShell or WinPT that would give
me access to GPG through a PGPTray type Application, is that correct?

As for the installation of GPG, is all I need to do is put the path to
GPG in my autoexec.bat file? Are there any specific instructions as to
setting up the commandline version of GPG *before* I install a front end
for the Program?


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