encrypting files via web CGI

Ron Beck rbeck@tqtx.com
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 13:39:23 -0600

Hello all,
I have written a perl program to accept a file name from a list.  I want
to encrypt this file and then send it on to another party (also from a
list).  I'm using the following command...

   system qx(/usr/local/bin/gpg -e -v -r "Ronald" ./reports/$report);

This works great when I run the procedure interactively but fails when I
run it as a .CGI script.  I get no information returned from my .CGI
script regarding any type of errors.  Is there anyone who can provide
some guidance on this?  I am currently logged in with the same account
as my web server is using so it shouldn't be a permissions issue.  Or,
is there a perl module I could load which would assist in my efforts to
encrypt files?

Please CC: to me as my subscription to this list is pending.

Thanks & regards,
Ron Beck
Triquint Semiconductor

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