signing files from php script

Juan Antonio Martinez
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 13:24:32 +0100

I'm trying to auto signing mail messages from a cgi-php3 script.
My function seems like this one:

function gnupg_sign($msg) {
        $fromfile=tempnam( $GLOBALS["TMPDIR"], "gpg" );
        $tofile=tempnam( $GLOBALS["TMPDIR"], "gpg" );
        $com=sprintf("echo %s | /usr/bin/gpg --homedir %s/gnupg
--passphrase-fd 0 --default-key %s -q -o %s --clearsign
        $fd=fopen( $tofile , "r" );
        // unlink($tofile);
        // unlink($fromfile);
        return $msg;


Problem: PHP3 strips "|" on system command to avoid attacks
- Anybody knows the correct way to do this ?
- Perhaps some hide method of passing passphrase to pgp?. 
If i use popen(), how can I specify the passphrase-fd "n" descriptor? 
Remember that I cannot use "0" as file descriptor number from an apache
script, since gpg tries to open() /dev/tty that is not available
- Any environment variable?
- Any way to instruct gpg to auto-sign without prompting for a

Thanks in advance

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