Three basic questions

Robert Krueger
Sun Jan 28 20:50:04 2001

  I did check the Faq and other documents before fielding these

1.  As I use Netscape for 100% of my e-mail, is it normal to send the
encrypted file as an attachment?

2.. I would like to put my signature at the bottom of my e-mails so that
others can obtain my public key and send encrypted mail if they so
choose.   What is the normal information people should display at the
bootom of an e-mail message?

3.  Is there a GUI somewhere that simplifies the process of encryption,
decryption and verification for use with GnuPG?

4.  Finally, all our computers at work run Windows 95/98, and I wondered
if it's possible to put all necessary files on it so that I may retrive
an encypted e-mail without installing anything permanently on the
company computer?