several recipients

Frank Tobin
Mon Jan 29 01:44:01 2001

Gerhard Kugler, at 22:20 +0100 on Sun, 28 Jan 2001, wrote:

    is it possible to encrypt to several recipients? Can I define a group
    of recipients with one name?

In response to your first question, yes: simply do this:

    gpg -r friend1 -r friend2 --encrypt

In response to your section question, GnuPG does not provide this
functionality internally, but I've got a wrapper script that is capable of
doing such a thing so that you could do:

    salias gpg -r friends --encrypt

...and it would expand to:

    gpg -r friend2 -r friend2 --encrypt

Tools to create an invisible wrapper functionality are also available.
It's actually project "salias" on SourceForge, but I haven't been able to
create a release yet since their CVS is broken, and my net connection on
my developement box is getting quirky.

Frank Tobin