Saving public key to a file

Stefan Bellon
Tue Jan 30 01:29:00 2001

In article <>,
   Robert Krueger <> wrote:


> I execute this line "gpg --export --armor MyUserID" and I
> get a "File not found" message, and it prints to the screen.
I think what you want is the following: gpg --armor --output --export MyUserID
> One last question, I hope...
> When I finally do get this right, and send this file to a friend, will
> it automatically contain a fingerprint?
The fingerprint is a check on the key whether it arrived unmodified or not. So your recipient may look at the fingerprint of your key, ring you on the telephone and you may verify that the fingerprint is the same. Greetings, Stefan. -- Stefan Bellon * <> * <> 10.0 times 0.1 is hardly ever 1.0.