Need to Fill in Missing ML Postings

John Bacalle
Tue Jan 30 11:44:01 2001


I have a gap in the list from 8 January to 16 January. I would
appreciate it if someone (who also uses mbox format for their mailboxes)
would help me fill in those missing days. 

Note: I need mbox format. If you are using mutt it's easy to collect
what I'm missing.

   <SHIFT>T   ~d 8/1/2001-16/1/2001   ;C   mboxforjohn   y   ;t

That says: tag the following date pattern; the date range; copy that
	   tagged pattern in one fell swoop to a mailbox; call the
	   mailbox 'mboxforjohn'; y(es), go create the mailbox; un-tag
	   all the tagged messages, leave as you found things.

After that please gzip or bzip2 that 'mboxforjohn' to me. =) I
appreciate the help. Thank you.


John Bacalle