Expiry bug (can convert v3 key to current?)

Kurt Fitzner kurt-fitzner@home.com
Sat Jun 30 23:21:01 2001

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On 27-Jun-2001 Len Sassaman wrote:

>> Also, I was wondering why I can generate a 2048 bit signing DSA subkey, but
>> can't make one as the primary key.
> (And you can't make *any* DSA keys greater than 1024 bits, because of the
> hash limitation.)
This was my mistake. When you make a DSA subkey in --edit mode, it tells you the maximum is 2048 bits, but it actually is only 1024 bit maximum. But, the bug on editing v3 key expiry dates is there. GnuPG does tell you that it can't change the expiry, but you can. Change the expiry, it will complain, but let it. Then, do something else... add a uid, or delete one. Then exit --edit mode and save. If you look, the expiry date for the key will have changed. There is either a bug in the software telling you it can't or a bug in it doing it when it's not supposed to. Kurt. --_=XFMail.1.5.0.Linux:20010630151249:24058=_ Content-Type: application/pgp-signature -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (GNU/Linux) iQEcBAEBAwAGBQI7PkDQAAoJEN366Kf2Ie2tbN0IAJw0RUejCidFF1d9qP1LMtec 0dRxvjYnwLZkK/ehwR5cEC6vmQoUpUioayUmF7X53s1IUCRhhhO0cRsFnzrLUDSo jWZZl59BeJ9INDvXb0lCDlJZdXIURcS4oT7eXwX6y1z4Qapj5ysDQ4x5loQCPFuF DSyBkqwxf3X7Io8paoJjWgVYXmpY0+C6Hke5TI4jzHjmMenutvGnQDh6KP0kAHq/ 1tObFHea+4kScHJMGnRlwa0+3Um6q6Eg/EsgGfmtEfqT1VBYFjhNkl/Kc1Qly1OL Rq/rrLsBkSQoA4Yt3/fyxssl4dY/57h5binAwCYi+xJ5bRIhfQTW4owFqrbkdD4= =5q2R -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- --_=XFMail.1.5.0.Linux:20010630151249:24058=_-- End of MIME message