problem with mutt and gnupg

Mon Jul 2 00:26:01 2001

Hello all, 

Well for the first time, I am having a problem, and I just cannot get a
handle on it.  This is with the new Progeny Debian distro.  All of my
other distros work fine, and my pgp.rc and options files are all the same,
same as I have been using for a year or so, except for the upgrades to
gnupg and mutt, but again, works in other distros.. 

What I am experiencing is the following.  When I set gpg to be used to
encrypt mail with the "p" command in mutt, if I select the sign only
command, it works fine.  However, if I set it to encrypt mail, I get the
following error which will not allow me to encrypt:

sh: pgpewrap: command not found

I cannot find anything on pgpewrap anywhere.  Can someone offer some
insight?.  This happened with gnupg 1.4 and 1.6 now.. just in Progeny.


Best regards,

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